Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteers prepare to embark on an island cleanup. (Photo by Ann Hooke)

Where is your office?
Our office is located beside the Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society at 420 Sunset Road about 2.5 miles south of Deer Isle village on route 15A. Office hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

How can I volunteer for IHT?

Stop into the office or give us a call at 207-348-2455. We need volunteers to help with everything from answering the phone and helping in the office to clearing trails to working on a committee or serving on the Board of Trustees. Your time given as a volunteer qualifies you as a donor and member of IHT as much as if you give a donation during our Annual Appeal.

What is a "Land Trust"?
A conservation land trust is a non-profit conservation that holds land that has been donated to the Trust. Through easement or outright purchase, it manages land that benefits the public through light recreational use, scenic attractiveness, historical benefit, or access to water for recreational or commercial use.

What is the mission of Island Heritage Trust?
Founded in 1987, IHT is based on the mission to “ conserve significant open space, scenic areas, wildlife habitats, natural resources, and historical and cultural features that offer public benefit and that are essential to the character of the Deer Isle area.”

What is "No Trace Left Behind"?
It is a philosophy and ethic of how to respect and be a good steward for wilderness and public land. Its seven key principles are:

  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste property
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impacts
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors.
When people visit the Settlement Quarry, we ask that they not build stone structures but to leave it the way they found it. For more information, visit

Where can I walk my dog?
Dogs may be walked ON A LEASH at Causeway Beach, Mariners Memorial Park, Holt Mill Pond Preserve, Tennis Preserve, Settlement Quarry, and Shore Acres Preserve. As in most places, it is unlawful to allow pets to run unrestrained except on your own property.

Where can I find a (motel? grocery store? campground? etc)?

We have various brochures and maps from the Chamber of Commerce to help answer your questions. Visit the Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce web site at

If people use my land for outdoor recreation or harvesting, am I as the landowner protected from liability suits?
Yes, except in rare situations. Maine has a strong law to protect landowners, known as the landowner liability statute: Title 14, M.R.S.A. Section 159-A). However, if there is a known highly dangerous situation on your property it is prudent to post a warning. We have a free brochure at the office called “Maine landowner liability explained “ which is very helpful.

Why are pets not allowed at Barred Island, Crockett Cove Woods, Wreck, Round or Millet Islands?
These properties have been set aside as nature preserves and have deed restrictions to protect their wildlife habitats. Pets seriously disturb wild mammals and nesting birds. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) placed these restrictions on these areas.

Why are pets not allowed at Scott's Landing, Pine Hill or Polypod Island? These areas have been set aside as Nature Preserves to protect their wildlife habitats. Pets seriously disturb wild mammals and nesting birds.

Why are IHT properties open only for day use (including the islands)?
We do not have the human resources to manage camping areas AND the fragile soils are particularly vulnerable to over-use. Further, there are deed restrictions on some islands that establish them as nature preserves, which preclude camping.

Are mountain bikes or ATV’s allowed on the trails of IHT properties?
No. The trails have been designed and maintained for walkers. Given the shallow soils and near-surface roots of trees, many of these trails do not provide good trail beds for wheeled vehicles without causing a lot of damage to the roots, soils, and trails.

Is hunting allowed on IHT properties?
Yes, within the safety limits to protect non-hunting walkers and the proximity to houses.

What conservation organizations are active around Deer Isle?
The Island Heritage Trust, Deer Isle Walking Trails Group, Deer Isle and Stonington Conservation Commissions, the Nature Conservancy, Acadia National Park, Island Institute, Evergreen Garden Club, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Maine State Bureau of Public Lands, Friends of Nature. We are each separate organizations, but we do a lot of partnering to work on common goals.

Where can I go fishing?
At the Deer Isle Lily Pond (with a license). Access off Deer Run, which is off Rte 15.

Where can I go swimming?
You can go salt-water swimming at the Reach Beach on Gray’s Cove and the Causeway Beach. There is fresh- water swimming at the Lily Pond (access from Deer Run Road in Deer Isle see above). This access is privately owned but the public is allowed to use it.

Where is the famous water lily pond?
It is in Stonington and is called Ames Pond on Indian Point Road. Come to the IHT office and we will provide you with a map to it and other places of interest.

We are interested in kayaking. What information do you have?
We have several free brochures: about Maine Island Trail Association (MITA), Fragile Islands, and Island Ethics. Visit the MITA website at to learn much more about kayaking up and down the coast.

Where can I launch my kayak and park my car?
There are four public places – Reach Beach off Reach Road (limited road parking); Causeway Beach off the Causeway from Little Deer Isle; Mariner’s Memorial Park off Sunshine Road; the launching site west of the Deer Isle Post Office beyond the Library on Bridge Street, and the public launching ramp in Stonington (BE VERY CAREFUL TO YIELD TO FISHING BOATS – ESPECIALLY IN THE LATE AFTERNOON!). Reach Beach and Causeway Beach are owned by Island Heritage Trust.



Island Heritage Trust
420 Sunset Road ~ Deer Isle, Maine
Mail: P.O. Box 42 / Deer Isle, ME 04627
Phone: 207-348-2455
FAX: 207-348-2455


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