Wildlife Sightings

Saw a moose last night around 8 come out of the woods to the shoreline from our cottage in Goose cove it was spectacular for me being it was my first moose sighting. You don't see that in Florida ha ha ha.
Ron Turner : Jul 19, 2017
Fox at Scott's Landing, around Oct. 26th of last year. I'm adding sighting now because I just found this listing site - and it was not a typical animal sighting for me here on DI
I was downwind and he got pretty close before sensing my presence. Looked healthy!
John kittredge : May 21, 2017
Scott's Landing produced several species the morning of July 30. Among them were Common Tern (2), Willow Flycatcher (1), American Goldfinch (4), Common Yellowthroat (5), Gray Catbird (2), Song Sparrow (3) and Barn Swallow (2). Nice birds for a birder from the California desert. Great site.
Mark Leggett : Jul 31, 2016
Spring Peepers calling at Goose Cove Reserve, 11:00 AM, temperature ca. 50 F.
Kenneth Crowell : Apr 1, 2016
2 Razorbills off the shores of Sheephead Island as we motored back to Northwest harbor
Dave Carlson : Jul 5, 2015
Curious seal, family of 4 Ospreys fishing (successfully!), mature bald eagle flying across cove towards Sunshine Rd. all on Long Cove
Edward Warren : Jul 2, 2015
seal- off Plumb Point May 25th -its annual visit on our rock off the point- finally showed up on the 25th.
Ellen : May 27, 2015
May 10 and 11: male Red-bellied Woodpecker at feeder, Greenhead
Larry Estey : May 11, 2015
4-19, pair of osprey courting, Barred Island Preserve
Ken Crowell : Apr 19, 2015
3 great blue herons in Southwest Harbor at low tide this morning
Liz : Apr 7, 2015
Recent sightings and spring arrivals on Deer Isle:
March 31. Hooded Merganser
April 1. flock of Snow Goose, LDI. (Danes, AP Hooke)
April 2 Turkey Vulture
April 3. E. Phoebe (Lee Fay); Fox Sparrow
April 5. Killdeer
Ken Crowell : Apr 6, 2015
10+ Bohemian Waxwings March 25, 2015
Downtown Bucksport eating berries in front of The Historical Society building.
Susan Steingass : Mar 26, 2015
We have had 20+ redpolls at our feeders for a week now. They have not been here all winter and now suddenly are here on and off every day.
Dick McWilliams : Mar 10, 2015
River Otter slides snow on wooded knoll in conservation easement abutting Barred I. Preserve.
Marnie and Ken : Feb 8, 2015
Beautiful immature male goshawk hanging out in our back yard. He jumped the doves and then decided to sit around in apple tree for a while before continuing on his way.
Dick McWilliams : Dec 16, 2014
12 red-necked grebe, one com. loon
Barred Island/Goose Cove 11/23/2014
Marnie and Ken : Nov 24, 2014
Immature female red tail hawk on Weed's Point Rd, Little Deer Isle
Dick McWilliams : Nov 18, 2014
18+ horned larks at the Reach Beach causeway on Sat 11/15 @3:30 p.m.
Dick McWilliams : Nov 15, 2014
4 Horned Larks at Causeway Beach in the grasses just past where the 7th graders are working on beach grass restoration.
Dick McWilliams : Nov 14, 2014
Red-bellied snake(s) dead on Goose Cove Rd. fronting with Barred I. Preserve ca. Sept. 22 and N.Green Snake Sept. 29, presumably seeking denning sites.
Red-backed Salamander active at night on our woods road Oct. 26.
Ken Crowell : Oct 27, 2014
Massive movement of migrants this morning. The first time that I've had a Yellow-throated Verio passing through our Scott's Landing property.
Chip Moseley : Sep 24, 2014
A male sharpshin dueling with 3 crows in our back yard this morning. The sharpie chased the crows around the yard one after another.
Dick McWilliam : Sep 13, 2014
Pair of mature bald eagles flying from Campbell Island to Greenlaw Cove.
David Washburn : Sep 10, 2014
The hawks are beginning to move. I saw a Harrier yesterday and a sparrow hawk this morning.
Dick McWilliam : Aug 30, 2014
Spotted Salamander egg cluster in shrubby wetland aka winterberry swamp, Tennis Preserve,corner of Tennis Rd. and Private Rd., making it a vernal pool. May 7.

ca. 100 egg masses in "Black Lagoon", Barred I. Preserve and Crowell conservation easement. May 19.
Marnie and Ken : May 22, 2014


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