Deer Isle Water Adventures

Islands Around Deer Isle Open to the Public

Anyone who has ever visited Deer Isle is struck by the beauty of the Island itself, the surrounding ocean and the outlying islands. Who hasn't nursed a secret wish to be Robinson Crusoe, camped on an empty jewel of an island, but within reach of civilization? From Eggemoggin Reach to the Deer Island Thorofare and Merchant's Row, the waters encircling Deer Isle, dotted with sun dappled islands, are a boater's paradise.

Island Heritage Trust works to preserve the beauty and integrity of those islands with conservation easements on several islands and ownership of others. In Merchant's Row, IHT owns and maintains Wreck, Round and Millet Islands for day use. Mark Island, famous for its lighthouse, Bradbury, Sheep and Polypod Islands are also owned by IHT, as well as the northern half of Carney up near the Causeway. Additionally, 12 other islands in the Stonington Archipelago are protected by IHT with conservation easements. Some of these islands are open for camping through the Maine Island Trail Association.

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